June 28, 2011

Training Materials

Ok, so I've been working on getting everything organized so I can feel like I have a plan for when I start training. I joined a Biggest Loser style competition, and I'm in it to WIN! And to support everyone else in the competition, because it's really about helping each other and having a group to cheer you on, I think. And having a group to keep one motivated! So while I created these sheets for me, I wanted to share them for anyone to use if they wanted. (Some of the templates I got from www.mommytrackd.com and I filled them out, if you want to see what other template things they have.)

Click on any of the pictures to download them to your computer. It will take you to a different site.

First, I created a calendar, so I could keep track of what workouts I want to do each week. Which muscle group I want to work on what days. (This is a blank sheet that if you download and follow me, you can fill it out as we go. Then you have a written plan for you to go back to.)

I also created a calendar for July, in case anyone preferred that.

Then there are measurement trackers for both men and women.

Here is a blank menu planner:

Then here are the ones I'll be following. Yes, I eat the same thing everyday for a week at a time. It makes it easy to prepare ahead of time and it's SUPER cost effective. I have the first 4 weeks planned. You definitely don't have to follow what I do, by any means. But there might be a meal idea on there for you. :)

Week 1:

Week 2:

Week 3:

Week 4:

For the first 4 weeks I'll be going vegetarian, to help cleanse all the junk that's been building up in my body. I'll be doing strength training but the first few weeks will be MOSTLY cardio, to really help jump start the actual pounds coming off. And to keep me in the competition! ;)

So, to anyone in the competition who is reading this: GOOD LUCK TO US ALL!!! It's going to be amazing and I can't wait to see everyone's "after" pics! And to everyone else reading this, I'm excited to share these things with you and hope someone finds something useful in them. :) I'll have the first video of exercises posted hopefully by next Monday. YAY!