June 19, 2011

Father's Day Fun!

Ok, so since there's no "dad" around our house, we always make Papa's Day things for my dad. (My kids and I live at home with my parents.) I made this coupon book for the kids to give to Papa.

The kids helped me come up with different coupon ideas:

We have a total of 14 coupons, 6 of them being fill in the blank. Other ones we did are:
• Game night
• Snuggle time
• Help with yardwork

Squish hugs are something my 5 year old came up with. It where you squeeze each other really, really, REALLY tightly and you don't let go. He also does squish kisses, but those are rare. ;) lol

I simply cut 3"x6" rectangles out of patterned paper and scored them all along one side about 1/4" in. Then I typed out the coupons and printed them on lined paper. I LOVE the look that creates, it looks just like a stamp. I cut those out and just adhered them to the patterned paper. I just used American Crafts adhesives. Then I just applied a line of adhesive on the 1/4" section and stuck them all together. The scoring makes it so the pages turn easier. Then I just wrapped a length of floss around the side and tied a bow. Done and done. :D

I made this card as well, using the downloaded template from Lifestyle Crafts. You can find that HERE. I made mine look like the cheesy fun things my dad would wear "back in the day." :D

I used my trusty Pilot Permaball pen to outline the tie, make it stand out a bit. I had the kids each write a little message on a sheet of paper that I folded up and tucked into the card. (If you follow the pattern from the download, it folds in half. I just tucked it in there.)

The kids were so excited to give these things to their Papa! It was fun seeing their faces as he looked through his coupon book and read his little messages. :)

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