June 18, 2011

Holder of Endless Possibilities!

I've seen this project done in several places. The Crafting Chicks have done it. Brett Lund, my partner in crime at Roberts Crafts, did it. Here's my take on it:

A few of my things from my April Gilded Girls Society Stash look amazing in it!! (The Gilded Girls is a "kit club" kind of thing, but instead of being sent scrapbook kits, they send out the most amazing and delicious vintage finds like fabrics and rhinestones and custom mixed German glass glitter . . . . I've told them I want to be a member for life!! lol)

But really . . . . the possibilities are endless when it comes to things I could put in there. Scrapbook embellishments . . . jewelry . . . beads . . . flowers . . . I need to make more! :D

(*waving my hand in a Jedi motion* You do not see the electrical cord in the background.) All I did was take two brass candlesticks and two silver mini mixing bowls that I found at the local thrift store and glued them together with the magical substance, E6000. I let it dry over night, then I spray painted it this amazing blue color! The bowls were $1.00 each, the candlesticks were 75¢ each. Spray paint was the most expensive thing coming in at $3.99. Ya just can't beat that. :D

True love.