About Me

My name is Brie, I am a single mom of three amazingly adorable kids. My daughter Alayna is in second grade, my son Hunter is in kindergarten and my youngest son, Bridger, is in pre-school. I definitely do not feel old enough to be a mom of three kids, especially ones that aren't babies anymore! Where did the time go? I worked as the graphic designer for Roberts Arts & Crafts, a  chain of scrapbook/craft/home d├ęcor stores in Utah with a national e-commerce website. I got to do everything from designing the weekly ads and product photography to all the marketing materials to all the web graphics and emails and run their blog and facebook page. It was SUCH a fun job, with the most wonderful people.

Currently, I'm working as a graphic designer for the scrapbook company My Mind's Eye. Again, I am SO blessed to have the opportunity to work with some pretty fun and fantastic people. I'm learning SO much about scrapbook design. I help prep the art that comes in from different designers and help get it ready for printing for y'all to turn into your amazing projects! I'm so excited to be there, I've loved their products for a long time both for the quality and for just how fun the designs are!

On the flip side, a few of years ago, I started working with a personal trainer, and found a love of training and living healthy. I will be combining my training blog with this one, to incorporate that aspect of who I am into this blog. Could I have picked two more random things to mesh together? haha!

Gotta love the random self phone portrait!
I keep thinking I want to go back to school, and study studio art and printmaking. I'd love to combine my graphic design and photography skills with print making and mixed media and have so many avenues to create! Ever since I was a kid, I've been making and creating things from jewelry to painting. There's nothing I don't like to try and learn and incorporate into my projects!

Thank you for visiting my page! I hope you see things you like and can learn something new. Don't be shy with comments! I love being able to meet new people and share ideas!  :)