February 5, 2012

Practice Run

So, yesterday I made a purchase I have been DYING to make for years . . . .

EEK! I am so happy! I was so excited to take it out for a test run, so this morning I took the kids out to do a few quick pictures. Hunter isn't in any because he didn't want to take his coat off. It wasn't THAT cold, but I didn't want to force him. lol Bridger only lasted long enough to get one decent picture, but Alayna was my little champ! I love that she loves having her picture taken!

Here's what I got out of 20 minutes and this fantastic building in "downtown" Bountiful:

My only problem with these is how GROWN UP my daughter is looking! This just can't be!

I can't wait to take it out and do MORE pictures! I need practice with it so if you're in the area and want pictures done and are willing to be my guinea pig, let me know! ;)