February 3, 2012

Live Like You're Dying?

I've had an epiphany today.

It was brilliant.

I want to scream it to the world!

I want to start a religion, based on my epiphany and preach to the masses.

Ok, not really. But kind of. Minus the religion. I'm too fickle. ;) Or maybe just too lazy.

BUT! Here's the epiphany.

You know the phrase, "Live like you're dying." Seems like it's a self motivating, go get 'em kind of statement, right?

Is it really?

I'd like to propose a new and improved phrase.

"Live like you just left the hair salon."

Hear me out. To me, "Live like you're dying" invokes a sense of frantic urgency. GET-EVERYTHING-DONE-YOU'VE-EVER-WANTED-TO-DO-BECAUSE-YOU-MIGHT-DIE-IN-FIVE-MINUTES. To me, it could be a motivating factor to be kinder, be more generous, be more forgiving, travel the world, read a book, watch that movie you've always wanted to see but haven't stopped to do it. But, it seems to be more of a fear based motivator for redemption.

Why live like you're dying? That's depressing.

You know that feeling when you've gone in for a hair cut. Just a trim, even. But they wash your hair with the GOOD shampoo that you'd never actually splurge on for yourself. They blow dry your hair and style it for you and tell you how good you look. You leave that salon (or barbershop or wherever you go) feeling on top of the world. You feel good. You feel like you look good. You feel like you can take on anything! HOLD ON TO THAT FEELING! Don't let it wash down the drain with your next shower! It is THAT feeling that is a true motivator! When you feel good about yourself then you ARE enough. You're not comparing yourself to the neighbors down the street. You're not comparing your beat up mini van to your friend's shiny new car. You're not motivated by want. You become confidant, happy. You become content. That contentedness turns into peace that will spill into your home. It will wash over your kids. You'll spend more time enjoying your time doing what makes you happy than worrying about getting everything spotless because neighbor so and so's house is ALWAYS spotless.

What I'm saying is live confidently. It doesn't matter what you look like. How much money you make. What car you drive. What clothes you wear. It is CONFIDENCE that shines through everything.

Confidence is an amazing motivator. It will get you to the gym. It will get you to the job interview for your dream job. It will get you back in school. It will get you to sign up for the class to learn the skill you've always wanted to learn. It will allow you to jump into a decision you would never have made without it. It will push you to be your best self. And it will make you happy with who you are.

For the last three years, I've lost my confidence. I was simply being. Not living. I haven't been myself. I haven't really tried on anything. I've got so many projects that I'd just given up on. So many ideas and plans that I just let go.

And yes, I went to the salon today and got my hair trimmed. My new stylist, Lindsey, used the good shampoo on me. Told me how gorgeous my hair was after having had three kids and losing most of it. Blow dried it out straight. (I always feel like I look better with my hair straightened.) Told me how excited she was to see me again. And she actually meant it.

And I walked out of there feeling good. I haven't felt good about myself in a long time. And no, this has nothing to do with looks. It has everything to do with how one FEELS when they know they look good, or did an amazing job on a project or has something to offer the world. And that feeling is confidence.

I'm really hoping this feeling of getting my confidence back sticks around longer than my next shower. It may not, and I may have to remind myself again and again. But I'll get there. And so will you. And anyone who wants to be there. It doesn't just happen. But it's so worth anything to get there. It's not a magic pill or potion. It comes from within. It's personal. It can't be given or taken. It can be let go of and forgotten. But that root of confidence will grow if you let it. Don't block it with internal walls of fear. Let go of the fear. Let go of misconceptions. Just let go and let confidence in.

Then you will know you are truly living. Then you will be a light that others will gravitate towards.

Confidence feels good.

I'm so excited to see where my confidence takes me!

Starting Monday, it's going to take me to a crazy schedule that I'm really excited about! I'll tell you more about that later.

If you like my epiphany, I'd love for you to share it. Let's reach whoever needs to hear it. :)