May 1, 2011

May - Week 1

Confession. I totally slacked the last two weeks. Haven't grocery shopped. Eaten whatever. UGH. I'm horrible. hahaha

BACK AT IT for May!!

Ok. So according to my outline, May is going to be high, lean protein, low fat, low carb.

Here's what Week 1 looks like:
Breakfast: 2 egg whites & 1 whole egg, low carb tortilla, 1 tbsp salsa
Snack: String cheese, fruit
Lunch: Spring Strawberry Salad with Chicken (reduce the fat content by NOT using candied pecans or goat cheese as the recipe calls for.)
Snack: Veggies
Dinner: Salsa chicken over brown rice

You'll notice a lot of chicken. I really, really, INTENSELY dislike seafood. So fish is out for me. If you want to substitute fish for chicken, go for it. I'll stick to chicken. lol! No red meat this month, unless you spring for the super low fat kind.

Exercise will be a combination of weights and cardio. Alternate muscle groups that you work on each day. Day 1- Upper body. Day 2- Lower body. For week 1, my upper body workouts will focus on arms (biceps, triceps, shoulders), back & chest. Lower body workouts will focus on quadriceps, hamstrings and calves. I work on core everyday. Can't get too much core! Planks, crunches, penguins. For cardio, I'm going to do a lot of swimming. Which is why I bought myself a new suit yesterday! YAY! There is no better feeling for me than being in the water.

Don't forget, STRETCHING. My favorite place to stretch is in the sauna. Feels so good!

Now I gotta go do some grocery shopping for the week. lol