May 23, 2011

Thank You!

As a thank you to all the new followers, both on here and on the facebook page, I created a free download for ya'll! (My dad was from Texas. "Ya'll" just grew on me. lol )

I am ALL about surrounding myself with inspiration, encouragement and support. I wanted to create a piece that embodied that. I'll work on doing it in different color schemes as well. :) But for tonight, here's what I created for you!

I created it as an 11"x14". But it can be resized to an 8"x10" as well. You can download it and take it to any copy center or digital photo printer. Put it in a frame and you have a fun piece of wall art! I think I'm going to head to the local thrift store and find a funky frame, spray paint it, then use a eggshell colored mat around it. Too bad the store is already closed! lol

To download a jpg of it, click HERE

To download a pdf of it, click HERE

I hope you like it! :)