January 30, 2011

More Logos!

Here is the new logo for Diva's Dance Studio Boy's Hip Hop Team:

Stars are a part of the main logo, so Andrea, the owner of the studio, wanted to incorporate them into the design here. We went with greys instead of black for the details beacuse this will mainly be printed against black. I'm SO happy with how it turned out, but even more excited that Andrea loved it so much!

And seriously, if anyone is looking for a fantastic dance studio for your kids (or even for yourself, there are adult classes available!) look no further than Diva's. I had taken my daughter to another studio that I went to as a kid. This studio is very well known in the dance and performing world now, but I was thoroughly unimpressed by their teaching methods. They didn't break down the steps for kids who hadn't been in dance all their lives already. So for kids like my daughter, who got a "late" start at dancing, they were constantly behind. The thing I loved about Diva's was there is SUCH a feeling of comraderie and true welcome into the dance family there. And they taught each dance step by step! What a novel concept for a dance studio, right? hahaha!

Thanks, Andrea, for letting me play with your logo!!