January 24, 2011

Another Logo

Here's the logo I designed for the children's line my sister and I are making. It's going to be SO cute and fun! I can't wait to get it going.

The name Ollie Bug comes from her son's name, and the nicknames I call my kids. They all have some type of "bug" nickname. It started with my daughter. I call her Bugaboo. (My dad calls her Hugaboo.) The boys are always my snuggle bug or tickle bug. LOL They change with their mood. ;)


ShellBell said...

This is really cute! Can't wait to see all that you're working on. You are so talented!

chels said...

Love it, Brie! That logo is awesome. a great name for a kids line, too. Major thumbs up!

Briana said...

Thanks loves!!! I really appreciate hearing that. :) I have the BEST friends, ever!

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