January 30, 2011

Oh yeah. . . I was going to start training. :S

I've been so focused on creating new projects and having a lot of fun doing that side, I almost forgot I wanted to incorporate my training blog into this one.


Ok. To be 100% honest, I haven't been training lately. UGH! I miss it. I seriously miss how good I was doing! What happened? I have no idea. Lost my training time, got sidetracked, got lazy. All the above. SO. Part of why I'm making this my training blog, in addition to crafting, is to keep me accountable.

First it starts with diet. I will never go on a "diet" diet. It's all about truly changing habits. Diets end. My brother is working on talking me into the HCG diet. Now, anyone who knows me knows that I have been completely against this diet. Like, just saying "HCG" sends me into a soap box tirade against it. Sigh. . .  I may have to eat some words here, but I've started researching the pros of this diet. That being said, I'm still against the highly commercialization of the diet. My family doctor, who was my doctor when I was a kid, the one who had to hold me down in addition to my dad and two male nurses to give me a shot, worked for the actual, original HCG diet. (I'm not exactly sure the details of what he did, but he's worked with the diet a lot, how it was meant to be used.) When used correctly, it seems like a good way to jump start changing habits, getting the weight down so its easier to exercise.

I still need to do more research to be fully comfortable doing this along with my family. I'll keep ya'll updated on that.

The next hurdle is finding time to train. Between taking on more responsibilities at work, having to commute to work now, as opposed to just living up the street from work and everything else that has gotten in the way. . . my training time has been cut to nothing. I used to train in the morning and then again after work while the kids played in the gym playroom. It was my heaven! Now I'm limited to only being able to train before the kids wake up. :S

Last week I tried it. I planned to wake up at 4 and get to the gym by 4:30. I ended up waking up at 3:30. I made my 2 egg whites and 1 whole egg breakfast. (Just a sprinkle of salt and pepper for flavor.) Got to the gym a little after 4.

• 20-30 minutes cardio (elliptical)
• Stretch
• Core
  - 30 crunches
  - 12 planks
  - 30 oblique crunches (right and left)
  - 12 planks
  - 100 penguins (lay on your back, feet on the floor, knees pointed up. Lift upper body and alternately   touch each foot with your hands. I'll try and post pics of this later. lol)
• Weights x 3sets (In between each set, jump rope for 1 minute)
  - Shoulders (12-20 reps)
  - Chest (12-20)
  - Biceps (12-20)
• 30 minutes swim laps
• 10-15 minutes in the sauna, stretching some more.

What's super important on weights is getting full extension. For example, if you're doing curls for your biceps, take your arms all the way down, not just waist level. You're only cheating yourself of a full, effective workout if you do it half way. Makes sense, right?

After that workout, I got home in time to shower, get ready, jump on facebook for a bit and finish designing a logo. It was SO nice being so productive by 6am! Now I just have to get myself used to waking up that early and it will be second nature.

Wish me luck! LOL

Meals the rest of the day consisted of:
• Greek yogurt (check the carbs and protein ratio. You never want double the carbs to protein.)
• String Cheese
• Orange
• Salad with Turkey
• Broccoli & Cauliflower
• Grilled chicken with herb stuff on it. (My mom made it. It was so good, I'll track down the recipe.)

Next day weigh in: down a full pound. I may get addicted to waking up ridiculously early. ;)