January 30, 2011

Change of Plans

Sooo. . . before I went and finally registered the name "Vintage Poppy", I did one final Google search to make sure no one else had that name, that I could find online. I had done it before, when I first thought of it, and came up with nothing. On this search, I found scrapbook lines named Vintage Poppy, and an etsy store by the same name as well. I didn't want to be seen as copying or stealing that name, so I decided to just change it to

Vintage 53

I wanted to keep Vintage in the title, because that really describes me, I think. I've always been drawn to the vintage styles and designs. I wanted my name to be personal, and include things dear to me. I thought about using 84, which is the year I was born. But that didn't quite feel "vintage" enough. LOL! So I wanted to go with a number, and keep it with birth years of a family member, to keep my name personal to me. I decided to go with 53, the year my dad was born. I didn't want to offend anyone by going with one year or another, so I almost didn't go that route. I decided to go ahead and honor my dad, who died nearly 6 years ago now. Without going into details, I choose his year because when I think of my dad, I think of how much he worked, how hard he worked, to give my siblings and I everything we wanted. He would go without so we would not. After my parents divorced, it still took him a while, but he changed his temperament, his goals and dreams and just went for life with gusto. When I think of my dad, I think that anything is possible, and that is what I really want to emmulate. If I could choose one thing for someone to see when they get to know me, or that I can teach to my kids, is that ANYTHING is possible. With a good attitude, big dreams and a willingness to humble one self enough to be taught lessons along the way (and to truly learn something from those life lessons) anyone can get anywhere they want to be in life. I believe that, and whether my dad knew it or not, he taught me that.

Love you daddy!!

P.S. To the rest of my family/friends: With any amount of luck and hard work, I will eventually create lines of things to be named after each of you. No worries! :D lol You are all dear to me in ways I could never fully express in words.

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Megpin said...

That's right you'll be naming something cool after me!!

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