March 9, 2012

Spread the Word!

My 8 year old daughter has always been very aware of the homeless people that we see out in the community asking for money. For a long time she's wanted to do something to help and is always thinking of things she can do to raise money. Everything from making bracelets to sell at school, to performing for people in our apartment complex. The other day she was talking about the possibility of making blankets for them with my mom to take to a local shelter. This seemed like something we could do. I've contacted the shelter to see if this was something that was needed. I haven't heard back, but I did see other things on their website that we could do if blankets aren't needed. Hygiene kits, craft projects to do with their kids in the playroom and other things. So if I hear back from the volunteer coordinator that blankets aren't needed, I've got back up plans! But I think if we did blankets, it'd be more for the kids there. Every kid needs their own special blanket! :)

So here's where I come in. I thought, what can I do to help my daughter achieve here goals? I certainly can't afford to fund the blanket production. But I CAN help her earn money for fabric! So I'm going to set aside several days to do mini shoots for people. 30 minutes, 10+ images edited on a disc with a copyright release. I've set it at a $50 donation, but we'd be happy to take whatever anyone can afford to donate. I don't want to exclude people if $50 is too much.

If you'd like to donate, but don't live nearby or aren't interested in photos, that's ok too! I promise. ;) 

If you're interested, email me at or comment on this post. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this!