March 12, 2012


My dear, darling friend Jill volunteered to be one of my guinea pig models, and I am SO glad she did. I could not have had a more beautiful model to work with! She is seriously one of the kindest, most thoughtful people I have ever known. And her husband is such a dear! Seriously, my most favorite love story ever, right there with those two. Jill writes a fun recipe blog, The Nummy Little Blog. Every time she posts, I feel the need to go grocery shopping so I can cook whatever she's posting. It all looks so good!

We had so much fun in downtown Salt Lake at Abravanel Hall and at the Trax station on South Temple right in front of Abravanel. There was even a random hot dog stand! GENIUS! My little Bridger was being my little art director, telling us where to take pictures next. Sneaky little kid even got Jill's hot dog out of it. LOL! And a Jolly Rancher . . . man that kid knows how to work it! ;)