March 27, 2012

New Wheels

Ok, so I've had this brilliant plan forming for a couple of weeks now. I'm going carless. For reals. I'm getting rid of Bruce Greenapple (this is what my kids came up with to name our minivan, which gives you an insight into their personalities. LOL) and we're going to start biking it. Or walking it. Or public transportating it. Or for those trips to Nana's & Papa's house, we'll give in and Enterprise it. ;) (They have fantastic weekend specials, just sayin'.)

My new plan will mean extra money each month. No gasoline or having to carry vehicular insurance will make my bank account happy. I'm really looking forward to that aspect of this plan.

My new plan will mean extra exercising EVERY DAY. I'm SUPER looking forward to this part of the plan.

My new plan will mean waking up extra early. I'm not so much looking forward to that part of the plan. BUT I know once it's a habit, then it's a habit and won't be a big deal. I'm hoping I can time it so that I can get the kids to school and my youngest to daycare in time for me to hit the gym for some weight training before I pedal myself on over to work. Luckily my gym is just a few blocks from work. I even got my youngest into a new daycare that is also a couple of blocks from work.

This plan will mean I have to force myself to be organized and prepared. I'm looking forward to pushing myself in this regard. Meal prep, gym things, kid's things, work things. It's about time I get back to being organized this way. It will be good. Hard, but worth it.

The only problem with my new plan is figuring out WHICH bike to get myself. I really have no idea what is a good bike. LOL! Luckily, the guys at work all bike, and can help me put a bike together. (I totally could on my own, I just don't have the tools for it. C'mon! I used to build sets for theatrical productions, I think I can handle putting together a bike, right? ;)

These first three look sturdy, like they could handle hauling a bike trailer.  

I like the red one because, well, it's red. I need no other reason. 

The yellow would be good, it would stand out if we did any evening riding.

This one is just cute. And it's red. And it has that thing over the wheels that I could strap my gym bag or anything I need to. But could it haul a trailer? I don't want to order it and then find out it's not equipped to hitch the trailer to. GAH. Really, this one is my favorite. Pretty much for the extra places I could strap things to. And it's cute. And red. My top two requirements for basically anything. ;)

Decisions, decisions. No matter what I end up getting, I am SO EXCITED to get going on this!