March 30, 2012

A Turn Behind the Camera

One of my kid's most favorite things to do is to take my little Canon Powershot and wander around taking pictures. I absolutely adore seeing the world through their perspective, and seeing what they take pictures of. Mostly of themselves or each other. lol! Or their snacks. I thought it would be fun to post of few of their images.

Here are a few from Hunter:

A few weeks ago, I took Bridger out on a few photoshoots with me and let him use the Canon so he could be my assistant. He did get a few fun shots of our people and he got a ton of (I think) SUPER cute ones of himself for me. He never lets me take his picture when I have him dressed all cute and nice, so I guess I'll take whatever cute pics I can of him! hahaha

I didn't have any that Alayna took right now. I'll have to turn her loose with the camera and see what she comes back with. :) I love that they get so excited about doing anything creative.