September 16, 2011

50 States Blog Hop - UTAH!

Welcome to the 50 States Blog Hop!!

Welcome to the 50 States Blog Hop! This hop was inspired by our host Shawnee's journey across the United States as she traveled with her family to their new home, and I am SO excited to be a part of such an incredible hop. The work that has gone into coordinating this hop is just beyond my comprehension, and I feel honored to be a part of it.

If you've hopped along from WYOMING, with Theresa, then you are in the right place!! If you are just joining me from your dashboard or happened along from somewhere else, please be sure to CLICK HERE to start with the first state in the union, Delaware, because you won't want to miss out on any of the fun (or any of the blog candy!!)...

There is an AMAZING Grand Prize Package for one LUCKY hopper (winner chosen by Rafflecopter)!!  To be entered to win, please do the following:
So what's the Grand Prize???
Cricut Cartridge - Destinations, beautiful handmade flowers from Shannon at Creative Chaos Flowers, and a $20 Gift Certificate to Scraptastical Kreations.
Now on to my state and my project....

Now, on to the project I created to represent UTAH.

Utah is known for a great many things. I've lived here my whole 27 years, and have found so many things to love about it. 4 very distinct seasons, you can travel an hour or two in any direction and get a completely different landscape from the mountains, to lakes, to desert to strange rock formations, such as Goblin Valley. But, the one thing we're most known for (aside from Mormonism, and no, polygamy is not a part of Mormonism LOL) is our SNOW! It's even on our license plates:


So I thought about a project I could do involving snow. I'm not one for cheesy, seasonal decorations. So I knew whatever I did had to be a mix of contemporary and vintage design, probably geared more towards the holidays. (Christmas snow is the BEST!) I was perusing Pinterest the other day instead of doing something I probably should have been doing and came across some little Christmas trees made from book paper.

Done. Found my project! I, of course, expanded upon it to give it my own personal touch.

It's SUPER easy. The book I used is one I found at our local thrift store, Deseret Industries. It was a 1965 edition of Shakespeare's tragedies. LOVE me some Shakespeare!

I took the book to the FedEx Office where I used to work. Fortunately, I used to work there, because no one there dared to cut the spine off the book. So they let me do it instead. This gave me a nice, clean edge.

First, take a page and fold in diagonally.

Then fold it diagonally again. Kind of like a paper airplane.

I apologize for the poor lighting in the photos. The lighting in my apartment is horrible! :S

Next, fold the little triangular piece at the bottom up into the page, tucking it in. 

Make a BUNCH of these. I took one page and rolled it into a tube about 1/4" wide. I used this as my "base" to glue the triangular pieces to. Using hot glue, I attached the triangular pieces to the tube, all around the tube.

Top View:

Bottom View:

Now here's where I added my own "Brie" touch. I figure, if it's not glittery, then it's not Christmas. Am I right? ;) I rolled the top part into a pool of Mod Podge, letting it drip down the pages and run unevenly. I wanted no uniformity in this.

Then, I sprinkled some aqua/teal-y glitter onto it. (Teal/Aqua are SO my colors right now!)

I probably COULD have stopped there. But it felt . . . like it still needed something. Which, I just happened to have some blue buttons sitting in front of me for another project I was working on. So I hot glued them right onto the papers. I really love the extra touch they added!

So that's my project! Christmas > Snow > UTAH! I want to make a few more, in different sizes, and make a little "forest" to display on my table. I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope you're having an amazing time hopping through the country!

Now you can hop to the NEXT STATE IN THE UNION!!  Remember to leave a comment on each state to be eligible for the GRAND PRIZE!!

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