April 8, 2011

Simply uhMAZING!

Ok. When I started the gears spinning and was plotting out my meal plans . . . I had NO idea if it would actually work. I just knew I needed a change. But seriously, 9lbs lost in one week just boggles my mind! SERIOUSLY! WOO HOO! I haven't even started the exercising, it's just been an insane week. (There is so much going on that I am SO excited about, I can't even begin to tell you how excited. More on that later!)

So, because I've still been slacking on exercising, my goal for week 2 is to train myself to wake up EARLY. (I'm talking 5am early.) I did it before, I can do it again! I WILL do it again. :) I did have a training session today and he KILLED me. Actually, I did it to myself. He didn't want me to do 3 rounds, since it was my first day with him. He wanted me to stick to 2. Little did he know, I'm a lot tougher than I look. lol! And I don't back down from a challenge. Ever. Knowing what I was capable of before, I convinced him to "let" me do three sets. (Seriously, going to the gym twice a day, for two hours each time and you only want me to do 2 sets? PSHAW!) Anyway, we did core, squats, glutes, hamstrings, shoulders, biceps, back. It was fantastic! I won't be able to move tomorrow, but I actually LOVE that feeling, because I know I worked hard.

So today I got all the meals ready and separated out. The only cooking required for this week is the Spinach & Chickpea Curry. I found out today that a chickpea is a garbanzo bean. Who knew? haha! I'm so glad my mom is smart about cooking and helped me out with that one. I was standing in the canned vegetable isle ready to pull my own hair out because I couldn't find ANYTHING labeled "chickpea". Good heck! lol

Ok, so go back a post or two (I really can't remember) and you'll have week 2's meal plan and shopping list. Here is what the Oat Fit looks like:

Whenever I'd heat it up at work, everyone thought it smelled like vanilla cake. It's really yummy! But seriously, it's on sale at Harmon's for 50¢ a box, with 5 packets per box. Can't beat a 10¢ breakfast! I also saw it at WinCo today for 85¢ a box. I have paper bowls at work that I just pour it into, then there is a "fill line" on the back of the package. Fill it with water, heat for 90 seconds and done!

Here's week 2, all together:

I'm keeping the Gardenburgers in the box since it needs to stay frozen. So each morning it's just a matter of grabbing a Gardenburger, and a couple slices of Orrowheat. I have a tiny tupperware container that a put a little bit of veganaise (vegan mayonaise, you can find it at any health food store) and a little tiny bit of ketchup. I don't want a dry Gardenburger sandwich! ;)

I'm really looking forward to seeing what this next week brings!