April 30, 2011

Cowboy Up!

The last couple of weeks have been SUPER busy! Between designing the scrapbook line, making crafts for work, making crafts for myself, spending time with friends and the kids .. . . whew! It all made April go by WAY fast!

Easter was a lot of fun! The kids deemed it the "best Easter EVER!" It was the first time we'd been to church in . . . a while too. It felt good to be back. Bridger even stayed in primary the whole time! It was a first. So proud of that little monkey!

I love the look of utter surprise on his face!

hehehe SO excited!

This boy knows how to chillax!

I can't get this kid to smile normal for a picture. LOL


Look Mom! An egg!

My sister, Meagan, and her baby, Oliver.
 Alayna had her school recital the other day. I can't believe she's finishing up her 2nd grade year! I can't believe my little Hunter will be graduating Kindergarten in a few weeks. AAAAGGGHHHH! I'm getting OLD!

Alayna did so well in her performance! I was so proud of her!

The theme of the performance.

My three most favorite people in the world!

My beautiful princess!

My dad is like Hunter. They can't be normal for pictures. LOL

 Today for lunch, my mom went all out! She's been planning a cowboy lunch for the kids for a while, and today we were finally able to do it. :) She made a cowboy casserole, biscuits and (my favorite) honey carrots. MMMMMM!!!! For dessert we had wagon wheel cookies. (Oreos.) If there was any question of where I get any ounce of creativity, it was sparked by watching my Mom. Some of my earliest memories (besides the ones from when I was two. For some reason I can remember entire conversations from that age. And yet, I can never remember where I put my phone . . . lol!) are going to Roberts with my mom and being in awe of all the things in the store. I remember she'd cut things like flowers out of fabric then Mod Podge the flowers on to baskets she had painted and she'd fill them with silk flowers. She taught me to sew when I was 5, I've watched her bake and cook so many amazing things and she'd always come up with fun things like cowboy lunches. :)

Lemonade. The perfect drink to whet a cowboy's whistle!

Bridger Jackson: Cutest gunslinger in the west!

He totally looks like he's ready to draw his pistols. Watch out!

She was little Miss Attitude Cowgirl for a while. lol

His smile just melts me everytime!

He sure makes for quite the handsome cowboy!

Howdy m'am!

He named his bear Teddy Fly Bear. lol

Wagon Wheel Cookies aka Oreos. :)

I'm really excited, I got a new swim suit today!! My other suits have been used so much there are completely threadbare. As much as I love swimming . . . I don't need the added attention a see through swimsuit would bring. LOL!!! I can't wait to get back in the water though. It's my most favorite place to be! New month, new training plan and new meal plan start tomorrow! YAY!