January 28, 2012

New Things!

About a month or two ago, I read an article on Huffington Post about what classes and workouts different celebrities are taking. The three that most interested me are:

 • Yoga Booty Ballet •
• JAM (Juicy Athletic Moves) •
• The Bar Method •

I wanted to try them all! They sounded amazing. I immediately found JAM on Facebook, and messaged the creator of it about becoming a teacher and bringing it to Utah. I can't wait to get started on it! 

Last week I ordered the series Yoga Booty Ballet from Beach Body. (The company that brought P90X.) It arrived last night. I'm so excited to start it! It came with an exercise ball, a stretch band and a measuring tape and tracker. I took my measurements last night. I would have started it this morning, but I could not fall asleep for the LIFE of me last night. UGH. It was awful. 2am. There's just no way, no matter how motivated I am, that I can function on 3 hours of sleep. So I slept in. 


It has 5 DVDs, plus some bonus ones you can order for a bit extra. (I totally did.) Also came with a meditation CD. 

The main workout DVDs consist of:

Light & Easy (basic yoga and light cardio to get ya going)
Cardio Cabaret
Go Go
Latin Flavor
Body Sculpting

They also sent "Hip Hop Abs" as a "free" gift. 


We shall start! 

And it shall be grand! 

Next week, I'll order the Bar Method DVDs. *Giddy!* I'm kind of excited to review these different workout programs. :)