October 27, 2011


Through adversity comes tragedy or greatness. The way it goes depends on you. It comes down to attitude. You can choose to be a "victim", or you can choose to live your life. Your own terms, your own adventure.

I'm choosing my own terms, creating my own adventure.

I WILL be who I want to be.
I WILL be present.
I WILL prepare and follow my plan.
I WILL make everything I work for come to be.

My "actual" goals for this year are to participate in the Powell 3 Triathlon in October. To be half the person I currently am. Physically. ;) To re-enter the world and stop hiding from it. I'm so excited to begin working with Natalie Jill! I won't be able to start until February, so until then I'm going to try this. I'm really excited!

I'm going to slow down and FOCUS. I can't continue jumping from one thing to the next before I've finished anything. I can't continue to do everything, because in the end I get nothing accomplished and I end up ignoring what really  matters. I'm going to focus and simplify. Such a strange concept, I know. ;)

I'm going to take the kids out on our family adventures that we used to have. A walk to Bridal Veil. Finding new trails to explore. Keeping it simple and just about being together. They're getting too big, too fast.

This is going to be our year!