December 26, 2010


Been super busy making all kinds of projects and I'm loving it! I can't post pictures yet, because they're all gifts for people. Once I make some late Christmas deliveries, I'll add pictures of them. :)

The kids are cracking me up lately, as I've been crafting more. Especially my little Hunter. He keeps trying to sneak my scrapbook paper, or giving me his best puppy dog eyes in attempts to get me to give him some. Well, I have to admit it has worked. It's been fun watching all of them making snowflakes and inventing their own little projects! I found a great easel and art set for Hunter for a Christmas present, that has a roll of paper that attaches to it. They've all had fun playing artist! :)

I hope everyone has had an amazing holiday season!! I'm excited for New Year's and all the possibilities of the coming year!