December 4, 2010

All things creative. . .

First blog entry! Woot!

I'm super fantastically amazingly excited to work with Bentley Murdock to write a song for my kids. I'm finally doing it! I could not sleep at all last night, and started brainstorming and writing all my crazy ideas down and emailed it all to him at 2am. And, big surprise, he actually liked it! hahaha. Sometimes what I write in the middle of the night sounds brilliant until I read it after I've had some sleep and then I have to wonder what I'd been smoking. ;)

I'll post updates on that as we get it closer to completion.

In other awesome fun news, next Wednesday I get to be on set with Kristine McKay as a guest designer for the Northridge Publishing series of YouTube videos. I can not wait! It will be so much fun! I started one project, but since the shoot was postponed, I will do something different to be current with what they are doing in their December issues.

I began designing some scrapbook materials. Who knows if I'll do anything with that, but it's fun to work on and think about! Last week, I applied to be a member of the Imaginisce design team, which would just be the most fun thing ever! Fingers crossed!

I've been constantly brainstorming ideas for the boutique I want to start, and thinking about the jewelry I want to make. There is just so much going on, I love it! We'll see how it all ends up tying together.