March 27, 2011


Ok, I honestly don't care that much for chocolate. But there was a pan of brownies sitting on the counter, and chocolate seems to be a (generally) universal temptation for everyone. Unless you're abnormal, like myself. hahaha So it worked well for this picture. But seriously. . . I've got plenty of things that I need to just put down and walk away from. Puh-lenty!

Over the last few, uh, months, I've been analyzing and thinking and pondering and just in general wondering what the heck went wrong when I was training before. Yeah, I was insanely hardcore into it. (Two workouts a day, two hours each. Obsessive much? hahaha) Yeah, I had some personal setbacks that made me turn back to emotional eating. And yeah. . . The thinner I got, the creepier the guys got. (Remind me to tell you the story of pool boy sometime. . . . *shudders* That's a classic creeper guy story) 5 months, 40 lbs down and then I just stopped. SO close to my goal!! And sadly, a year and a half . . . wow. . . almost TWO YEARS later, I've put it all back on plus some. (a lot) BLEH!

SOO not happy about this.

I've repeatedly tried to get back on the proverbial wagon since I took a flying head dive off of it. I just totally lost all drive and motivation. (I'm being totally honest in this post. No more sugar coating or dancing around the harsh truth for me!) But I just couldn't find my groove again. My gym time turned to commute time after I moved away from living up the street from work. That definitely didn't help. It's hard to find motivation when it's hard to have any consistency in a work out schedule.

So. I've come up with my new BRILLIANT plan. (Cause aren't all my plans brilliant? Ok. . . except for maybe a few. . . ;)

I'm building a mini gym in my room. AND I've outlined a new diet/exercise plan for myself. For the next year!

My idea is this. A big problem for me before was I hit that 40 lbs lost, and then I just plateaued. Nothing I did or changed helped. I was stuck. I don't want to hit that point again. So. I'm going to switch it up monthly and not allow my body to get used to anything before I've moved on to the next month. I've given myself one year to hit my goal. And believe me, it's a pretty lofty goal.

I seriously couldn't sleep last night, I was up until way too late outlining this, and I'm so excited to share!

Last week I took the kids to the Roberts Crafts family night that was designed by the Crafting Chicks. I'm using the Inspiration Journal to write all this down. (I had to throw that in. Bossman will be happy. hahaha)

How CUTE are these?! Seriously. :)
Ok. So the plan is simply this. Try a new diet and a new exercise plan each month. I know when I was training, we changed my workout each month. But my diet stayed the same. I can't help but wonder if that was part of the problem of my plateau. 

Diet: Vegetarian
Exercise: Cardio
Objective: Cleanse and jump start weight loss.

Diet: High lean protein, low carb, low fat
Exercise: Strength training
Objective: Continue weight loss by building muscle to burn more calories

Diet: Low calorie
Exercise: Yoga
Objective: By increasing flexibility you can increase muscle area that can be built up. More muscle = more calories burned per workout.

Diet: High fiber
Exercise: Endurance
Objective: Train the body to fill up on less food. Also build up strength by increasing endurance.

Diet: Low carb
Exercise: Strength AND Cardio
Objective: Cut carbs, increase protein, build muscle. By combining strength and cardio you will see an increase in weight loss and fat percentage loss.

Diet: High lean protein, low carb, low fat (by far my favorite "diet")
Exercise: Pilates
Objective: Continue to build strength to fuel weight loss.

Diet: Low sugar (seemed a fitting month for that)
Exercise: Zumba
Objective: Sugar amounts should already be cut drastically. Focus on maintaining this month. Shake things up and have fun with an entertaining workout like Zumba.

Diet: Low calorie
Exercise: Tae bo
Objective: Jump start maintaining through the holidays. Allow yourself to enjoy the holidays, but watch portion sizes. Great cardio and intro to kickboxing with the Tae Bo.

Diet: High lean protein, low fat, low carb
Exercise: Kickboxing
Objective: Fuel body and de-stress. Take holiday stress out by learning some good fighting moves in kickboxing.

Diet: Vegetarian
Exercise: Cardio
Objective: Cleanse and refresh.

Diet: High fiber
Exercise: Strength & Cardio
Objective: Push through the last "candy & treat" month.

Diet: High lean protein, low carb, low fat
Exercise: Endurance
Objective: Push yourself to goal.

So by April of next year I WILL be at my goal. :)

I'll outline in detail my weekly meal plans. Last night I was able to get through the first month before I finally crashed asleep around 2:30am. lol

I'm sure not everyone needs a full on year to hit their goal. This is just my personal year long fitness goal that I'm sharing with everyone and anyone who reads my blog. And, it definitely doesn't hurt to follow along whether you need weight loss or just a plan to stay fit. Or just to follow and have a year of workouts and meals planned for you. lol

Good luck everyone!! Sorry for the extra long post today. I'll do another post a little later with April's meal plans all laid out for you. :) Believe me, with three kids, a full time job and trying to start my own business, I keep ALL my meals pretty simple and easy to throw together. Cooking is one thing I do NOT have time for.